Permanent Wants List

Permanent Wants List
Hi! I'm just leaving this list up, mainly for my own reference to be added to/edited/crossed out when I obtain certain items C: Most of these wants I would like in plush/Pokedoll form, but there's a few I would like in figures, which I will note.

Eventually I hope to put up a sales journal, but that won't be until I can at least post my (small) collection.

Bold = high want

Ye Olde Want List:

Reshiram Chibi Banpresto Plush waiting to be shipped from GA
Shiny fabric Zorua plush waiting to be shipped from GA
Chansey plush

Figures/zukan & nonplush:
Clear "arms up" Mime Jr. figure

Custom Wants:
Porygon2 custom plush
Roggenrolla custom plush *SHINY*